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Overlocker Classes

Overlocker Classes

Whether you are an accomplished sew-er or relatively new, you’ll love the overlocker! We wear stretch fabrics more than any other so why aren’t we sewing with them more? The overlocker will make sewing with stretch your favourite pastime.

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So many sew-ers are terrified of the overlocker but the truth is it’s a fantastic machine, in fact it’s one of our favourites!! We all wear stretch fabric every day so we need to learn to sew with it, and once you’ve mastered the overlocker you’ll only want to sew with stretch until the end of time!!

Our overlocker classes require a bit of prior sewing experience so they’re not suitable for those who have never sewn before. If you’re unsure, drop us an email

In this class you will learn how to thread the overlocker from scratch, change threads without unthreading and how to use the machine in practice to make a simple garment! You can either bring your own pattern or we can suggest some free patterns. please bring your pattern cut out and ready to sew on the day. You might not get the garment finished but you’ll do enough sewing to get a real feel for the machine.

Please note that as we allow people to bring their own overlockers to this class we can’t go into more details about different stitches etc. You can book a 1-2-1 lessons for this however!

Top 3 Overlocker Class FAQs

You can indeed! As long as it’s in working order, you have the accessory box and the manual you can bring it!

We always suggest you hold off buying an overlocker until you’d been on the class. There are a lot of difficult to use machine out there and you tutor can talk you through the features you want to look out for. We also sell the machines you use in class so if you want to buy from us you can.

As long as you have a bit of experience on a normal sewing machine, either our beginners class or a few projects under your belt you will be fine. If you have any doubts and want to chat it through please get in touch! –

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