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Kids Crafts

Kids crafts might not be at the top of the priority list but let us change your mind! As the UK tries to get the hang of the home schooling that has been chucked upon us, we are here to tell you why kids crafts are important and give you some great ideas.

Why should we include arts and crafts in education?

  • 1.Creativity – Kids Art allows kids to develop their creativity which is important throughout their lives. By doing something creative, you allow for self-expression and this lets kids express (and cope with) their feelings. It also fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

In an interview with multi award winning kids craft book author, Mary Ann Kohl, she says “In children, creativity develops from their experiences with the process, rather than concern for the finished product. Creativity is not to be confused with talent, skill, or intelligence. Creativity is not about doing something better than others, it is about thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining.

  • 2. Motor Skills – When children use their fingers to manipulate various craft materials, they are developing their fine motors skills as they are made to use the small muscles in their hands. Children’s bilateral coordination skills also improve as they learn to use both hands at the same time. All of these skills improve every time they colour in, paint, cut, glue and more. Therefore, quicker their fine motors skills develop the more they can do on their own, from eating by themselves to tying their own shoelaces and buttoning their coat!
  • 3. Literacy – Early child literacy skills in art and crafts cover a wide range of areas – from speaking and reading to listening and understanding. When kids make art or crafts they get to talk about their work which develops their communication skills. “Why did you pick those colours?”, “Why is this your favourite painting”. They learn new vocabulary from parents and when following verbal instructions they use their listening skills. A skill all parents would like kids to grasp as soon as possible so they can start listening to us!
  • 4. Self-Esteem – If you sew or craft yourself you will know how AMAZING it feels to complete a project you are proud of right? Well it is the same, if not better for children. Art and craft activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. Making art is a great, safe way to discover that it’s okay to make mistakes and that getting things ‘wrong’ can lead you to a whole new idea. Kids crafts allow them to try new things and also develop their “self-regulation skills” (e.g. when waiting for paint or glue to dry). This helps them develop patience, which all kids need help with! (I think even us creative adults could do with help in this department… ‘hang the dress for 24 hours to allow hem to drop before hemming’ surely 2 hours is enough…

Kids crafts you can do from home!

Remember these?! Let the kids bring out their inner fashion designer with this free, paper doll download which you can get HERE.

Finger knitting! – This is a great project that gives results fast. All you need is a little bit of yarn/rope & some scissors. HERE is a great & short child friendly video on how to get started with finger knitting on youtube. If they are feeling adventurous here is another, short, youtube video to finger knit these cute snakes!

Unicorn punch needle kit

Punch needling. For this we would recommend both adult & child working on it together. At least until you are confident they can safely do it themselves. It is repetitive but great fun & a good stress relief for all. We have some punch needle kits still available on our website HERE along with other crafty kits!

and finally, we are going to end it with this hour long video of kids crafts and arty science ideas by the most enthusiastic and loveliest little boy, Ryan!

If you decide to try any of these out be sure to tag us or send us over photos of how you get on!

Happy crafting!

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