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PDF sewing patterns – how do you print?

When it comes to PDF sewing patterns there are definitely a couple of camps out there!

Some of you quite like the way you can purchase, print using your printer at home and get sticking that pattern together straight away. I must admit I quite like getting in the zone….  just getting a nice cuppa (or wine depending on the night), putting some total nonsense on the TV and sticking those A4 pages together!

Then there are the times that those 40 odd A4 pages might just be too much! Maybe you are super busy and don’t have the time or for some of us we just don’t have the floor/desk space.

So here you go – we have made a list of just a few places you can send your PDF sewing patterns (A0 Copyshop files) to be printed! This list is not exhaustive and is just a sample of a few places some of our customers have told us about. Feel free to add recommendations in the comments.

Avid Seamstress –

CLC Essex –

Click Post –

Dotty Print –

Fabulosew –

Flamingo Prints –

Net Printer –

Pattern To Paper –

The Printed Pattern –

Still team shop bought sewing patterns?

Lucky for you we are slowly starting to stock more pre-printed patterns in our studios/online shops! If you have any other companies or patterns you think we should stock, be sure to let us know. You can email us at

Happy Sewing!

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