Sew Confident x BY COLETTE Charity Event

Reusable Sanitary Towels

For International Womans Day Sew Confident studio manager, Colette Cameron, started making reusable sanitary pads for ladies in need as part of her out of work brand 'By Colette'. After telling Sew Confident business owner Jenny Peach about her plan, Jenny suggested doing a collab & run events in our Studios to allow our amazing customers help make as many as possible! The events were covered by both Glasgow Live and STV2 Live at 5 !!

Why the idea?

In Scotland alone:

  • Nearly one in five respondents said that they had had to go without period products because of finances, while one in 10 said they had been forced to prioritise other essential household items, such as food, over buying sanitary wear.
  • 22% of respondents reported they were not able to change their products as often as they would like to, with 11% of those describing a significant health impact because of this, such as a urinary tract infection or thrush.
  • Women are estimated to spend an average of £13 a month on period products and several thousands of pounds over a lifetime.
  • The most common alternative used was toilet roll, with others citing rags, old clothes, T-shirts, socks and newspapers. And 17% said that they had at some point relied on charitable sources, such as food banks or friends, with a significant number turning to public toilets to access free toilet roll.
  • Under UK law no value added tax (VAT) is placed on biscuits or cakes. Yet VAT on tampons is 5%....

What now?

These will be getting donated to vulnerable ladies throughout Glasgow with the help of Simon Community Scotland ! 👏🏼 Colette will also be sending some to her friend who is in Tanzania to pass on to Pippi House Empowerment Program .

If you would like to make some yourself to donate, you can watch our video below or drop us an e-mail at .

You can also check out the photos from our 3 events below or on our Facebook page .

Colette and Jenny would also love to thank everyone that came along to our events or donated fabric!