Want to create a truly special memento FOR someone or somewhere special? Use scraps of fabric and old clothes to make a beautiful Memory Bear!

Memory Bear classes cost £85


Come along to this full day workshop and make your very own cute bear using babygros, t-shirts, shirts or other items of clothing. You can even just come along and make a bear using fabric you love! Our wonderful tutor will take you through each step of the process and help you make your very own keepsake.

The Memory bear class is a Level 2 class as you will need to have some prior sewing experience before joining in. The pattern isn't too complicated but does involve a few tricky seams, sewing small areas and a bit of tricky pinning, a little hand sewing will be required too. If you are unsure if you can manage this class then just get in touch at chorley@sewconfident.co.uk

Top 3 Memory Bear Class FAQs

Q.I'm only a beginner, would this class be suitable for me?

A.This is a level 2 class. The pattern although fairly straight forward has a few tricky seams, involves a lot of pinning and sewing small areas so we would recommend you are fairly confident with the sewing machine, if in doubt message us hello@sewconfident.co.uk

Q.I have a mixture of clothes and fabrics I'd like to bring along, is this ok?

A.This is absolutely fine, we will let you know the kind of fabrics suitable for the class when you book and if you are in any doubt you can just bring them along.

Q.I would like to make a different Keepsake Animal - is this possible?

A.We will all be working on the same bear pattern in this class - it would get too complicated to advise properly if everyone was making different animals. I'm sure after completing this class you will have all the skills you need to go on and make whatever keepsake you'd like.


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