Whether you are an accomplished sew-er or relatively new you’ll LOVE the overlocker! We wear stretch fabrics more than any other so why aren’t we sewing with them more? The overlocker will make sewing with stretch your favourite pastime!

Our overlocker classes do require a bit of prior experience which is why they are a Level 2 class, but you don’t have to be a sewing expert to try your hand at one of these overlocker classes!

The overlocker has been terrifying sew-ers for years and that’s because they have 4 threads instead of two…and they look a wee bit scary, we totally get it! But once you’ve had a shot of one you will wonder what all the fuss was about!

It’s great for quick makes! Only have a short afternoon to sew and what to actually get something finished? The overlocker is your quick make mate!

In our 3.5 hour overlocker for beginners class you will learn how to thread the machine from scratch, how to change the threads without de-threading and then we will go over how to use the machine to make yourself something - either a slouchy tee or a stretch pattern of your choice(you’ll get it started but maybe not finished depending on the pattern!). Please come to class with you pattern cut out and ready to go. We’ll email you more info about this upon booking!

Please note that as we allow people to bring their own overlockers to this class we cannot go over more advanced stitches on individual overlockers. You can however book in for a 121 to learn more about your own overlocker. Just get in touch for more info - hello@sewconfident.co.uk !