Want to doodle with you sewing machine? We’re talking, drawing pictures, writing names, all sorts of creative fun. At our Machine Doodles class in Chorley you will learn how to do just that and leave with something beautiful to take home!

Machines Doodles classes cost £40pp


We call it machine doodles, some people call it free motion embroidery… whatever you call it, it’s great fun!

In our 2.5 hour Machine Doodles class we will teach you how to set up the machine, use the fancy free-motion foot, use the tools and materials, AND we will give you some design inspiration too! Hello personalised gifts forever!

You do not have to bring anything with you but if you have any small pieces of fabric or threads you would like to use, please bring them with you. Otherwise, this class includes all your materials and equipment.

Machine Doodles is a Level 2 class as you’d need a little bit of sewing experience before coming. Purely because we don’t teach you how to thread the machine, only change the foot! If you are in any doubt just get in touch and we can help - Dawn@sewconfident.co.uk

Top 3 Machine Doodles Sewing Class FAQs

Q. I have not sewn before, can I come to this class?
A. I’m afraid this class required you to have a tiny bit of prior sewing knowledge as we don’t go over threading the machine etc. If you’re dying to try our Machine Doodles sewing class but you don’t want to do our beginners class we can organise a private session to get you up to speed prior to the class. Just drop us an email hello@sewconfident.co.uk

Q. I want to make something specific for a friends birthday and have a colour scheme in mind, should I bring anything with me?
A. You can bring any pieces of fabric you like, even the tiniest scraps can be used in machine doodles! If you have any thread colours at home you’d particularly like to bring you can bring them too. You don’t have to bring anything though as we do have scraps and threads for you to use at the class.

Q. I want to make a few of these to have in hoops in my house. can I buy extra materials and hoops from Sew Confident?
A. Yes you can. We have fabric, hoops, threads and machine accessories available to buy at the class. If you’re looking for a lot of supplies, let us know in advance and we can have it waiting for you in class.

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