Always wanted to try knitting or crochet? Maybe you’re already a knitter and have never quite succeeded in mastering crochet(or vice versa) - we we can help!

Our crochet and knitting classes are designed to ease you into the craft and give you the basic skills necessary to go home and try your own projects!

Knitting for Beginner’s - This class will teach you all the basics of knitting. That’s casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, basic cable and of course casting off again! You’ll use all these stitches to make a super cosy knitted headband! This class includes all materials so all you have to do is bring yourself!

Crochet for Beginner’s - Another great class for beginners who want to learn loads of stitches in one sitting(it’s not difficult we promise!) We’ll make the famous granny squares in this class which can be joined together and made into a cosy blanket if you fancy!?

Class prices start at £40pp

Top 3 Knitting and Crochet Class FAQs

Q - I have always wanted to knit/crochet but have never tried, can I come along?
A - Yes, our beginner's crochet and beginners knitting classes are perfect for you. The patterns we follow are simple and help you get a good basic understanding of the techniques. We would always suggest you attend the Beginners classes before attempting any others.

Q - I don't know what kind of wool or needles to buy?
A - On our beginners classes we provide you with knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarn, you just need to come along! If anything isn't provided we will let you know upon booking what you need and where you can get it. If you want to bring along your own yarn instead of using ours you are welcome to, we can advise you what you will need for the class beforehand.

Q - I can't decide if I want to try out knitting or crochet, are they similar?
A - They are two different techniques both involving yarn! Knitting uses two needles and involves a bit more counting and keeping track of where you are in a pattern whereas crochet uses one hook and you can approach it in a slightly more freestyle way! Both are fun and to be honest most people tend to want to try out both anyway!


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