Machines Doodles classes cost £40pp

Looking to do something a bit different with your sewing machine? Come along to our Machine Doodles class and learn how to create beautiful textile art using your normal sewing machine!

Machine doodles is what other people might call ‘freemotion’ embroidery and you can probably do it on your machine, you just might not know it.


It’s a lovely creative technique great for days when you want to let your imagination run wild! You can write words, draw pictures, make random patterns and even incorporate applique!

In our 2.5 hour Machine Doodles class we’ll teach you how to set up the machine, what other tools you need, what the best fabrics to use are and inspire you to want doodle on everything(hello personalised gifts for everyone, forever!).

This class includes all your materials and equipment. You do not have to bring anything with you but if you have any small pieces of fabric or threads you would like to bring along, please bring them with you.

Machine Doodles is a Level 2 class which means a bit of prior experience is necessary. If you have been to our beginner’s sewing class or have a few projects under your belt already you will be perfect for this. If you are in any doubt just get in touch and we can help

Top 3 Machine Doodles Sewing Class FAQs

Q - I want to do this class but don't know what kind of fabric scraps to bring along?
A - That is absolutely fine, we will have some here and you are free to use as many as you like in your doodle and practice samples.

Q - Do I need any sewing experience to take part?
A - You will need to have a little bit of sewing experience before attending this class as we won't be covering things like threading the machine or winding bobbins. If in doubt get in touch with us

Q - I'm not that artistic, is this class suitable for me?
A - This class is perfect for you, drawing with the sewing machine is great fun and most people arrive not having a clue what they want to draw or make. Part of the experience is experimenting and being surprised by your new artistic abilities!

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