This is one for the interior design fans - making your own roman blinds and curtains is not only great fun but it’s also cost effective! So come along to one of our classes in our lovely Dundee studio!

Roman Blind Classes cost £85pp
Curtain Classes cost £65pp

Roman Blind - In this 1 day class you will actually leave with a finished blind at the end! We help you with the measuring and working out how much fabric you need which is almost as tricky as making the blind! The maximum size blind we can make is 142cm wide(anything wider involves double widths of fabric which we don’t have space for and isn’t suitable for beginners). A materials list will be sent upon booking.

Curtain Class - In our 1 day curtain class we take you through lots of different header tape types, and show you how to insert a professional lining. You’ll make a few mock curtains in class meaning you can learn loads of skills and you’ll be dying to get home and make the real deal! A materials list will be sent upon booking.

Both classes include use of our sewing machines, equipment and some of the blind/curtain components. Anything else you need to bring will be in the booking email. Our curtain and roman blind classes are all level 2 meaning you’ll want a bit of sewing experience before you come. As always if in doubt drop us a message -


Top 3 Roman Blind and Curtain Class FAQs

Q - What fabric should I make my Roman Blind with?
A - You should buy some non stretch upholstery fabric for the outside of your blind and some curtain lining will do for the inside. Most bricks and mortar shops will help you out and if you are unsure of a particular fabric just get in touch.

Q - I would like to make a blind wider than 142cm, why do you suggest this width as a maximum?
A - Most upholstery fabrics are around this width therefore the maximum size you can make without having to piece and pattern match your blind will be 142cm. Trust us it is way less complicated this way on your first blind!

Q - I'd love to make a full size pair of curtains in the class, can I do this?
A - The class aims to teach you all the different tips and techniques associated with making a variety of curtain styles so you can leave with the best knowledge to take into your real curtain making project. If you would like to make a full sized pair of curtains we would suggest you come along for a private lesson and make full use of the studio space for layout and construction.

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