Tutor - Ellie

Ellie is one of our Glasgow tutors who looks after the beginners classes. She is a bubbly character with excellent chat so she'll put you at ease straight away. She's always got her own projects on the go so ask her what she's working on!

How long have you been sewing for?

I first started to sew properly in my 1st year at university, where I studied Fashion Business. We were taught the full process of making garments, including pattern-cutting. Although I had always tried to make clothes myself, and for my Barbies when I was little, but this course gave me ability to sew professionally.


Have you always been interested in  fashion?

Yes, ever since I was young. I used to fill notebooks with drawings of clothes, so it's only natural I chose to study fashion. Even today I still make clothing for myself, family and friends. Out shopping I often think "I could make that myself", so I do!


What are your qualifications?

I have a 1st in Fashion Business from GCU.


What is the most difficult thing you have ever made?

Probably the gown I made to wear at the Scottish Fashion Awards - even though it was a fairly simple shape there was an awful lot of material!


What is your favourite fabric to work with?

I like most fabrics actually, it tends to be the print and colour more than anything else that attracts me to it. Cotton blends are usually the easiest to work with, so I like using those - they mean a lot less hassle!


What other interested do you have apart from sewing?

I run my own blog, Bespoke Garments, which I work on in my spare time and I also enjoy walking my Golden Retriever Molly :)