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Are you wondering if sewing is for you? Have a question about a class or product? Check out FAQs below and please contact us if you are still unsure!

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Sewing Class FAQs

I was rubbish at sewing at school and I'm worried I'll still be rubbish now, should I book a class anyway?
School has a LOT to answer for, they seem to have given everyone the absolute fear when it comes to sewing. Our classes are NOTHING like your Home Economics classes - unless you had an amazing experience of course! We have a real emphasis on ensuring everyone has fun, stays chilled and learns at the same time. On out beginners classes we don't expect you to have any knowledge at all so please don't worry. We know it can be nerve wracking starting something new(good on you!) and we work hard to put everyone at ease as soon as they are through the door, so yes, get yourself booked on!

I have sewn a bit before so I don't know what class to book onto. Should I just start at the beginners?
Where you start is totally up to you. If you have a few projects under your belt and you can thread your sewing machine then you are likely to be perfect for most of our classes. If you are unsure send us a wee email and we can put your mind at rest and let you know what class is best for you.

What if I am not good enough and hold the class back?
I think this is a totally natural fear and one that everyone has!! There is no competition in the class, and no pressure. We are good at assisting people who might need a little bit of extra help to ensure they don't feel like they are getting left behind. You cannot hold the class back as we pretty much let people work at their own pace. In short, you are always good enough!

I want to learn something specific and you don't have a class for it, can I book a private lesson?
Yes we run 121 sessions in our Glasgow studio. We can also create bespoke classes for small groups at times that suit you. Just get in touch here!

I can't afford the class in one payment but really want  a space, can I pay a deposit?
Yes we quite often secure places with deposits. Get in touch for more details

I really want to make my own clothes but I have never sewn before, where should I start?
This is a question we get asked a lot. We don't advise you just into dressmaking as your first shot at sewing because it can be tricky and it can knock your confidence if you struggle at the start. We suggest either joining one of our beginners classes or booking a few hours 121 to get the basics down before booking the dressmaking/sewing pattern class.

I have completed the beginners class, am I good enough for the dressmaking/pattern class now?
The dressmaking/sewing pattern class can be as easy or difficult as you like depending on the pattern you choose, and we can help you pick something that is the perfect difficultly level for you. So yes, once you have completed the beginners you can book yourself onto the pattern class.

I don't have a machine can I still come to class?
Absolutely, all machines and equipment are in class waiting for you. Our classes have no 'homework' unless you want to do a bit at home so there's no need to already own a machine. We do sell the machines we use in class so if you did want one we can get one for you. Ask us about in class machine discounts before you buy!

Can I rent a machine or do I have to come to a class to use one?
We don't allow anyone to remove machines from the premises but we can sometimes accommodate you renting out a machine in the studio. Get in touch and we can see if we can help.

Sewing machine and product FAQs

How much do I need to spend on a sewing machine?
It really depends on how serious you're taking the hobby. If you think you'll maybe only sew a couple of times and you don't need the machine to handle layers of heavy fabric(for curtains for example) you'll be looking to spend about £120-£150 on a machine. If you are loving it and want to sew for years to come and don't want to be limited by the strength of the machine motor you'll want to spend more like £250-£300 mark. You can have a look at all our machines here. Remember existing customers get a discount so email us for the latest!

What equipment do I need to get started?
We have a kit specifically for this, it's here! Makes a great gift for a new sew-er too!

I don't know whether to buy a normal sewing machine or an overlocker, can you help?
If you currently have no machines then you want to get yourself a normal sewing machine first. The overlockers are fabulous but they are additional machines as there are some things you can't do on them(such as top stitching or tricky construction)

I have seen a great deal on a machine from the supermarket, should I buy it?
PLEASE NO! Especially if it's that Singer overlocker! You absolutely get what you pay for with sewing machines, and if it breaks who in the supermarket can help you fix it? Likely no one!

I don't know what feet fit my machine, can you help?
We supply sewing machine accessories for all Janome and Elna machines, just let us know what model you have and we can let you know what feet will fit.

I want a foot that you don't have on your website, can you order item in specifically?
Absolutely. There are a tonne of accessories available for Elna and Janome machines, we couldn't possibly list them all online so if there is anything you want at all get in touch and we can give you a price and order it in for you.

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