Tutor - Gayle

Gayle is currently a new student Teacher in Home Economics with years of Fashion, Sewing and Design experience! Her sewing knowledge knows no bounds and she's always up for chatting about her latest work so you are in for a treat!


Have you always been creative?

Gayle hand embellishing her latest collection.

Gayle hand embellishing her latest collection.

I have always made things from a young age, from card making to jewellery to customising things! My biggest obsession over the years has been for for beads, jewels and sequins and I loved diving in to bead sets filled with embellishments. This is something I am still passionate about today, as showcased in designs from my own collections where I embellished garments with hand-crafted porcelain pieces.

 I became more and more interested in fashion throughout high school when I started to become tired of wearing the same styles as everyone else. I decided it would be great to be able to make something unique and learned to sew towards the end of high school. I was ecstatic when I got accepted to study a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Business at Glasgow Caledonian University. From my course I gained valuable industry skills in design, pattern cutting, illustration, sewing, marketing and business. After graduating in 2012, I ran my own womenswear brand from my studio at Glasgow Artist Studios for several years and worked on various freelance projects with local fashion brands and IKEA Glasgow. 

Finishing touches!

Finishing touches!

When did you decide to start teaching?

After working with Sew Confident for almost three years and enjoying my time tutoring so much, I decided to go back and study a PGDE in Home Economics teaching this year at Strathclyde University! I'm looking forward to teaching Health and Food Technology with Fashion and Textiles in Secondary schools after I graduate in Summer 2017.

What has been the biggest sewing challenge yet?

One of the hardest challenges in sewing that I have came across was working on the IKEA Sustainability Fashion Show. Myself and another co-worker organised a full fashion show and produced garments using up-cycled, sustainable products including; old fabrics, curtains and bed sheets. Our grand finale was a wedding dress - something we had never made before which turned out great and only cost around £25 in materials!

What do you do in your free time?

I'm always keen to attend local fashion events and fashion shows and I am constantly researching new innovative fashion ideas to inspire me for any new projects. I love working on projects with other people in the creative community and always happy to help out where I can. I'm hoping to get stuck in to some more collections again once I've completed my Masters in Teaching.