Here you can check out our various up coming ‘seasonal classes’!

Prices vary depending on class.

Throughout the year we run various ‘seasonal' classes such as our weaving master classes, underwear making classes, special one-off overlocker classes and more.

If you are in any doubt just get in touch and we can help

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Top 2 Seasonal Sewing Class FAQs

Q. I have not sewn before, can I come to this class?
A. I’m afraid this class required you to have a tiny bit of prior sewing knowledge as we don’t go over threading the machine etc. Some of our seasonal classes such as our weaving class, you require no previous knowledge. If you are unsure just drop us an e-mail:

Q. I want to make something specific for a friends birthday and have a colour scheme in mind, should I bring anything with me?
A. Depending on the class, You can bring any pieces of fabric you like, even the tiniest scraps can often be used in some way! If you have any thread colours at home you’d particularly like to bring you can bring them too. You don’t normally have to bring anything though as we do have stuff for you to use at the class unless otherwise stated.

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