Need and incentive to get fit? Well it doesn’t get much better than being SO PROUD of your handmade gym leggings that you’re at the gym/out walking/climbing trees(I dunno what you do!) every week, eh?

Gym Leggings classes cost £55

By now you probably know the the overlocker is Jenny's favourite machine! In this class you have the choice of THREE very cute leggings patterns. You can choose fabrics suitable for gym wear or cottons more suitable for every day wear. We will be using the overlocker and the normal sewing machine in this class, class numbers are smaller as a result of this.

We will not be learning how to thread the overlocker in this class but we do run beginners overlocking classes regularly. If you can use a normal sewing machine you will be able to use an overlocker, so prior experience is not necessary!

Sew Confident is a fun, social learning environment where peer support comes as standard! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BRING YOUR OWN SEWING MACHINE as machines are provided.

Top 3 Gym Leggings Sewing Class FAQs

Q. What sizes do the leggings patterns go up to, I’m worried the patterns won’t fit me?
A. One of the patterns we have goes up to a 3XL size which is 56inch hip measurement. We send you the pattern options upon booking but of you’d like a look before you book just drop us a message

Q. I don’t goto the gym, can I make leggings for everyday wear instead?
A. Of course you can, the only difference is the kind of fabric you might use. With gym clothes you’ll want wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the body but with everyday leggings you can opt for cotton jerseys, lycras or anything with good stretch!

Q. I have never used an overlocker before, will I be able to do this class?
A. As long as you have some sewing experience on a normal sewing machine you don’t have to have experience with the overlocker. We don’t teach you how to thread it in this class but we do teach you how to use it - you will love it!

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