Sewing patterns can strike fear into the hearts of many sew-ers, but they needn’t! Yes sometimes the language is hard to understand, or they use terminology you have never heard before but that’s where our sewing pattern class comes in!

We have different classes aimed at demystifying sewing patterns including our 2 day/5 week sewing pattern class, designed to introduce you to the world of patterns! We also run special classes and season pattern classes throughout the year. Click the button below for more information about the different classes.

Sewing Pattern classes cost £209
Seasonal Classes, such as Denim Jacket, prices will vary

Top 3 Sewing Pattern Class FAQs

Q. I don’t know if I am good enough to come on this class, can you advise what level I need to be at?
A. If you have been on our beginners class and have either being working away at different projects at home or have then attended any of our Level 2 classes You will be up to speed enough to come on the pattern class. If you have only completed our beginners class but really want to come along we can help you choose an easy pattern, just get in touch!

Q. I’m not sure what size pattern to cut, can you help and do I need to cut it before I come to class?
A. We can help you figure out what size pattern to cut in class, so don’t worry too much about that. If the pattern comes in different sizes and you need to know what one to buy then take the following measurements with a tape measure: Bust - widest part, waist - smallest part normally around the bellybutton or just above, hips - widest part. Check these against the patterns to figure out what size you are likely to need. Definitely don’t go by your normal dress size as patterns and shops vary drastically!

Q. I can never get patterns to fit, will I be able to make adjustments to my pattern in class?
A. In class we encourage you to make a toile, which is a mock up of the pattern in a cheap fabric and we can make adjustments from this to make the pattern fit. These adjustments can be transferred onto your paper pattern so the next time you cut it, it will fit perfectly. We don’t have time to go through complex pattern cutting adjustments such as Full Bust Adjustment or Sway Back adjustment but if you want to learn how to do these we can teach you on a private tuition basis, just get in touch -

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