Are you a Home economics teacher looking to brush up on your sewing skills?

At Sew Confident we understand that a lot of H.E. teacher come from a nutrition background. You might find yourself in a department where you have no textiles based teachers but you have textile units you need to get your pupils through. Jenny can come into your department and give your teachers the confidence and skills to deliver National 4, National 5 and Higher textiles quickly and efficiently.

Jenny has experience not only teaching leisure classes for over 5 years but also teaching vocational qualifications as her role as community lecturer at West College Scotland. She can create a bespoke course suited to the needs of your teachers and the curriculum, in an agreed time frame. She can not only teach the skills required but due to her vast knowledge and experience can also give insight into the probable hurdles that the pupils will face when completing a certain project.

Please get in touch HERE if you would like more information on this service.

We also have set classes below for those looking to gain entry to the PGDE and for those looking to gain the specific skills necessary to get your pupils high marks in their Nat 4, 5 and Higher Fashion units.