Do you DREAM of leaving your 9-5 days behind? Dream of a life where that "Sunday feeling" is actually excitement and not the well known dread of Monday approaching? Do you dream of being creative every day and making a living from it?

You could have all of this with your own Sew Confident 
Sew Confident dundee franchise

Sew Confident dundee franchise


What is a franchise?

A franchise is a “business in a box” and generally includes everything you need to start a business tomorrow. You benefit from the franchisors business experience, market knowledge, business acumen, processes, branding, reputation etc. The chances of success with a franchise are significantly higher than the chances of success with a start up. Franchisors will have years of experience, business contacts, and a lot of lessons learned under their belt that you will immediately have the benefit of! Companies such as Subway and McDonalds tend to spring to mind when talking about franchises but there are a lot of small franchises too.

Sew Confident is the ONLY sewing tuition franchise available in the UK. We are also the biggest sewing tuition company in the UK with multiple sites across Scotland and England. Now is the best time to get involved!

I have no business experience is that ok?

You don’t need business experience to be awarded a Sew Confident Franchise but you do need some sewing experience. Business experience would, of course be advantageous but we train you up on everything from using our accountancy software, to creating a successful marketing campaign, to finding the perfect staff members. We’re also at the end of the phone should you get stuck or be unsure of anything.

Can anyone buy a Sew Confident Franchise?

The short answer is no. We are very careful with who we consider for our franchises because we want them to succeed, fit in with the existing network and be the perfect brand ambassador for Sew Confident. Before awarding a franchise we have several meetings to ensure you are the right fit for us, have the right attitude and mindset and that we are right for you too.

What does the franchise fee include?

The franchise fee includes everything you need to open your own Sew Confident studio tomorrow. This is all your machines, equipment, retail offering, software, social media accounts, email access, brand license, webpage, furniture, signage, and of course extensive training. Training includes, ongoing marketing training, using our booking software, using social media for business, HR training, accountancy practises and of course how to run our Sew Confident classes and create the perfect social environment.


How much do I need to invest?

The UK average to start up a franchise is £42,200 and we are significantly less than this. This includes the franchisee fee, working capital and any other startup costs such as premises deposits. All businesses require investment to start with - we have some finance partners we can put you in touch with if necessary.

Can I work the franchise around my current job?

Owning your own Sew Confident studio is a full time commitment so unless you have a business partner and you are both planning on working part time you would need to work in the Sew Confident franchise full time. The franchise is flexible however and can be worked around your family commitments. We pride ourselves on being parent friendly and allowing the flexibility to have a family and a business, why should it be one or the other?

Sew Confident is currently looking for energetic, creative, driven individuals with a desire to run and grow their own Sew Confident Franchise. If you think you might be perfect and you'd like more information please fill out the form below. Please note, we are not currently looking for franchisees in Glasgow or Dundee.

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Current Sew Confident Franchises:
Sew Confident Chorley, owned by Dawn, opened July 2019

Sew Confident Chorley, owned by Dawn, opened July 2019

Sew Confident Dundee, Owned by Sandra, Opened September 2018

Sew Confident Dundee, Owned by Sandra, Opened September 2018